Tasha Williamson Seeking to Play Spoiler in the Mayoral Race

Long-time community activist Tasha Williamson has decided to run for San Diego’s mayoral seat. Williamson has decided to face off against well-funded local politicians like Todd Gloria, who was recently endorsed by the San Diego County Democratic Party. 

Williamson’s campaign is as grassroots as they come. In the first six months of her campaign, she raised $675, with her initial investment of $125. As of the end of August, her opponents Barbra Bry and Todd Gloria have raised $541,000 and $650,000, respectively.

However, Williamson has not held any of her criticisms for her opponents or other candidates back, especially when it comes to racism and inequality. Last year, Williamson organized a group to recall the endorsement of Myrtle Cole, then Councilwoman representing District 4. Cole was criticized for her support of racial profiling and her lack of support for National City protesters after Earl McNeil’s highly controversial death. 

Carol Kim, political director of the San Diego Building and Construction Trades Council, said she would be voting for Gloria, but thought Williamson deserved to have someone speak on her behalf, praising her for forcing the Democratic Party to confront racism in San Diego.

 Nonetheless, not much is known about Tasha Williamson’s policies and plans if she were to become Mayor of San Diego. Her campaign is largely built on the criticism of others and her racial identity. Perhaps our representatives should be of diverse backgrounds and ideological perspectives, but why should race become weaponized for political gain and dictate a candidate’s entire campaign?


Photo by Josh Esh