Todd “Goodfella” Gloria Continues to Stumble

Most people have probably seen the iconic movie Goodfellas. In Martin Scorsese’s mob classic, they depict the inner workings of a criminal organization on the brink of collapse due to various outside forces.

In the Christmas Party scene, we can see Jimmy talking to Johnny and various other guests about how their use of money was too flashy. For some reason, the scene seems all too familiar.

In completely unrelated news, Assemblyman Todd Gloria seems to be in some rather murky water. He is currently under investigation due to a lawuit that insinuates unlawful use of campaign funds. Gloria currently has two separate campaign accounts set up—one for assembly and one for mayor. The plaintiff, a Hillcrest resident, is concerned that Gloria may use the funds from one account to fund the other.

When the San Diego County Democratic Party Chairman Will Rodriguez-Kennedy was questioned about donations given on Gloria’s behalf, he claimed a donation of $5,000 was “similar to his request from numerous officials.” He also stated that is was not a “down-payment” for the Party endorsement, which Gloria received just a couple of weeks ago.

It may not be illegal if the funds from one campaign were to be discreetly donated to the San Diego County Democratic Party as a funnel to Gloria’s other campaign fund. It would also not be illegal if those funds happened to be used by the Democratic Party for any number of other candidates. For a Party and candidate so concerned about campaign finance issues and “money in politics,” it’s interesting that they’re trying so desperately to hide the truth of the matter.

If Goodfellas isn’t in recent memory, it’s certainly a good time for a refresh. Maybe something in that Christmas Party scene will seem familiar to San Diegans concerned with Gloria’s political malfeasance.