When the San Diego Union-Tribune Needs News, They go to San Diego News Desk

After what amounted to a one-round boxing match between the San Diego Union-Tribune and our local proof that not all superheroes wear capes, San Diego News Desk, the Union-Tribune published another article with the head photo captioned, “A computer in the Union-Tribune newsroom displays the San Diego News Desk story about the U-T story about the San Diego News Desk.”

One can reasonably deduce from this that when the U-T needs news, they turn to the always reliable SD News Desk.

As the local source for all things newsworthy and the exclusive home to many breaking news stories and press releases, it’s easy to see why the U-T would want to bookmark San Diego News Desk for future reference.

In the recent Union-Tribune article, Digital Editor Ricky Young explained the controversy that led to author Morgan Cook having to redact significant portions of the original piece targeting SD News Desk. It’s fairly clear that the questions given to Young were slanted in order to give the U-T a chance to rebuke some of the shame associated with the redaction. “I am glad you sent these questions, so I could disclose the edits now in this forum, with a little room to explain,” Young said.

San Diego News Desk is proud of our ability to report the facts and cover local news from a fresh perspective. We may not have the resources to stage an interview to publicly defend our shortcomings, but more importantly, we haven’t had to.

Hats off to the Union-Tribune, it takes a lot to not only admit one’s failures, but to also know when to ask for help. Have no fear, San Diego News Desk welcomes all readers—even those who work for the San Diego Union-Tribune.