Californians Support Republican Initiatives to Reduce Homelessness

California’s homelessness crisis has dragged out for so long that citizens are demanding that the government do something. Sadly, said government is a little bit preoccupied with weaseling further taxes out of citizens to fund a public transportation system that is functionally a black hole for cash to bother with what the people actually want.

In all seriousness, the Democratic officials in office have been ignoring solutions offered by their Republican counterparts for years, even though those solutions are vehemently supported by the majority of Californians. Recent polls taken by the California Chamber of Commerce show that Californians strongly support building more mental health and homelessness centers, permitting law enforcement to remove homeless encampments, allowing involuntary commitment of severely mentally ill homeless individuals, and allowing police to arrest homeless individuals using illegal drugs. 

Democrats have turned a blind eye. The only official who has made tangible progress regarding homelessness in the state of California is Mayor Faulconer of San Diego—incidentally the only Republican mayor in a major city in the entire state. His measures have proven effective, and given the recent polls, are supported by the people.

The only question remaining is why the Democrats don’t want to implement them?

Well, the answer is simple: the Democrats that hold the powers to legislate simply don’t care. They have an agenda, and they’re sticking to it. Clearly, homelessness is not at the top of their list of concerns—even when it’s unquestionably one of the biggest issues plaguing our state.