The Democrats’ War on Charter Schools only Harms Underprivileged Children in Need of a Good Education

Once again, California Democrats are rejecting anything that interferes with their political agenda or their precious ability to allocate funding. However, given the opinions of constituents, Democrats may have an uprising on their hands.

In recent years, charter schools have become an increasingly popular educational choice for many families. The option of charter schools has a higher sense of flexibility in terms of education and offers a comparable academic rigor to private schools at a much more affordable cost.

Yet, the main motivation for why families choose charter schools is the quality of education. The quality of education produced by California public schools is extremely poor, with scores in Math and English being some of the lowest in the entire country. Moreover, there has been no significant change with regard to test scores over the past 50 years.

However, as of recently, Governor Newsom has signed multiple bills that suppress the capabilities of charter schools. They inhibit new charter schools from opening and established charter schools from renewing. As a result of the smaller number, funding that was supposed to be allocated to them now stays within the public schools.

It is blatantly obvious that California Democrats are waging a war against charter schools to appease their union lobbyists, who are—not by coincidence—funding this war. Yet again, California Democrats are following the trail of the most money and political expediency, no matter the costs.

This isn’t unique to California Democrats, as it has become a topic of obsession for Democrats across the country. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) was once an adamant supporter of charter schools and school vouchers, but has since changed her mind at the behest of the teacher’s unions that finance her campaigns. Her hypocrisy is astonishing, given that she decided to send her child to an expensive private school.

Much like the disingenuous nature of Democrats who rely on armed security to protect them while demanding law-abiding Americans surrender their guns, the sphere of school choice and charter schools reveals the cynicism of Democrats refusing to give their constituents the same opportunities that they benefit from. So much for standing up for children and working families.

Constituents, though, are not willing to stand down on this issue. If charter schools are rejected, constituents plan to push through a well-received voucher initiative, which would provide families with a scholarship toward a public or private school of their choice. In fact, given recent survey results, approximately 55 percent of the sample would approve a voucher-like program. More broadly, a new statewide poll revealed that constituents heavily support vouchers as a way to combat the diminishing number of charter schools.

The question remains: will Democrats listen to their constituents? If they choose not to, California Democrats should prepare themselves for severe repercussions. California has had enough with the failures of the Democrats and they will not stay quiet this time around.