San Diego-Based USS Dewey Wins Prestigious National Award

The USS Dewey, a San Diego-based destroyer, has won the National Combat Readiness Award. This award is given annually to a surface combatant ship deemed most proficient in combat readiness as well as warfare operations.

President Theodore Roosevelt was a large part of establishing the Navy League in 1902 and the Spokane Trophy in 1908. The USS Dewey also won the Spokane Trophy from the Navy League of the United States for 2018. 

The Navy reported that the USS Dewey is a first-time recipient of the National Combat Readiness Award that is kept on permanent display at the Pacific Headquarters in San Diego. 

The ship’s crew was praised as the reason for Dewey receiving the award by the Naval Carrier Strike Group Three Commander, Rear Admiral Fred Pyle. 

Pyle commented on the achievement, saying that “while systems we use are continuously modernized and become more complex, success in warfare will always be based on the sailors to prepare, plan, operate and maintain our ships and war-fighting systems.”

The USS Dewey was commissioned through Seal Beach in 2010 to be a part of the Naval Carrier Strike Group One. The ship was named after former Navy Admiral George Dewey, and is now the third ship named in his honor. Admiral Dewey is considered one of the heroes of the U.S. forces in the Battle of Manila Bay.

This prestigious award only continues to strengthen the notion that San Diego is a vital part of the US Navy’s operations and how impressive the growth of those operations is throughout San Diego.