Vaccine Bill Displays the Hypocrisy of California Democrats

Written By Michael Palomba

Sen. Richard Pan has introduced a bill that cracks down on medical vaccine exemptions. For reference, this is the same senator that said someone should be “hanged for treason” after they shoved him from behind. While vaccines aren’t technically mandated in the state of California, they are required to attend school. Pan’s bill essentially gives parents two choices: get your children vaccinated or don’t send them to school.

This new bill comes after a 2016 bill that he sponsored, which eliminated personal belief based vaccine exemptions. So, with the combination of the two bills, both medical and personal belief exemptions are essentially gone.

How will this be enforced? Well, as is typical with Democratic policies, there will be significantly more government intervention. Beginning in 2021, the state will have a standardized medical exemption form and a new submission process. Doctors will be required to send exemptions directly to the state, which will then forward them to schools—at the state’s discretion of course.

The bill has made the California state government the gatekeeper of vaccine exemptions. And with Democrats’ anti-choice agenda, you can bet that the primarily Democratic government won’t be eager to grant them.

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking. Isn’t this a little hypocritical? After all, another major Democratic policy is a “woman’s right to choose.” The pro-choice movement is all about the fact that a woman should have full control over her body, and the government should keep its nose out of it. So the right to choose applies to aborting unborn children, but not to having something injected in you? Yes, that’s correct.

The implementation of this policy is set to be extremely strict. State officials will review every medical exemption at schools with a vaccination rate of less than 95 percent. They will also review all exemptions from doctors who have submitted more than five in one year and schools that have not shared vaccination rates with the state. 

If the state determines that a physician is “contributing to a public health risk,” the doctor in question will be reported to the Medical Board of California and an investigation will be opened. The state will also cancel waivers written by doctors who are under investigation. 

This is a dangerous road we’re going down. In 2016, Sen. Pan agreed that medical exemptions should absolutely be up to the physician. Now, not even three years later, he is directly contradicting that and saying the state should have sole discretion over exemptions. The state also decides what vaccines are required. So, they can require whatever shots they want, and force children to adhere to those requirements if they want to go to school. 

If a woman can choose to abort a baby up until the moment of birth, a parent should have the right to choose not to have their child injected with a vaccine—or anything for that matter.


Photo by Hyttalo Souza