California Democratic Party Endorses Far-Left Georgette Gómez for 53rd Congressional District

Georgette Gómez, a former Green Party member, recently won the California Democratic Party’s endorsement for the 53rd congressional district.

“Earning the endorsement of the Democratic Party is more than an honor — it’s a clear signal that Democrats are united behind our campaign to get the focus in Washington back on the priorities that matter to working people,” stated Gómez. “My life’s work has been fighting for fairness and opportunity for San Diego’s working families, and that’s what my campaign for Congress is all about.”

She lies further left on the political spectrum than many mainstream Democrats, but the endorsement isn’t surprising, given the newfound habit of Party delegates to endorse the more progressive candidate out of the Democratic pool.

Gómez notably supported the infamous $900,000 “eco-friendly” bus program, that is not actually very eco-friendly or econ-friendly, for that matter. This suggests that she has not abandoned her Green Party roots, but she is in full lockstep with the Democratic Party on nonsensical and unserious policies like the $93 trillion Green New Deal.

Despite claiming that her life’s work has been to improve the livelihood of working families, Gómez supports policies that hurt taxpayer wallets, especially those in the pockets of the middle class. If elected to Congress, she will continue to support policies that waste our hard-earned money. After all, what else are Democrats good for?