California Democrats Continue Pushing for Prop 13 Repeal—Will Harm Elderly Homeowners and Small Business Owners

Democratic officials continue to upset in the legislative process with their desperation to pass their tax measures by any means necessary, even if said means come at the expense of the working middle class.

A new measure introduced in the California Legislature titled the Schools and Local Communities Funding Act of 2020 aims to remove Prop 13’s protections against annual tax increases for commercial properties, with hopes to fully dismantle Prop 13 for homeowners. Businesses and homeowners are bunkering down to fight the legislation’s passage, but the other side wants to win at any cost.

The Democrats obtained a one-sided title and summary to the measure’s signature petitions, essentially creating a petition with discrepancies from the actual content of legislation. They placed the taxpayer-favored goal of increasing funding for education on the released title and summary, but a similar measure highlighted taxing implications, which was rejected by voters.

First, with an assist from a politically biased politician serving in the Attorney General’s office, proponents were able to secure a one-sided title and summary to the signature petitions.

Taxpayers are threatening to take the situation to court, and the media has (surprisingly) pounced on the officials for being literal partisan hacks. In short, everyone knows that what’s happening is wrong, biased, and unfair, but the death grip that the Democrats have over the California legislative process has proven near unbreakable.