California Democrats Embrace Rent Control at the Peril of Both Renters and Homeowners

Following the consistent trend of forgetting to look at the bigger picture, Democrats have created significant burdens for their constituents. In the form of rent control, Democrats have put homeowners and landlords in a terrible position, resulting in consequences for their tenants.

Effective on January 1, AB 1482 will be implemented, making evictions more expensive and inconvenient for landlords. The law was signed by Gov. Newsom, a consistent victim of acting before thinking. San Diego-based Democratic representatives that voted in favor of AB 1482 include Assemblymembers Tasha Boerner-Horvath, Todd Gloria, Shirley Weber, and Lorena Gonzalez, as well as Senators Toni Atkins and Ben Hueso.

Once implemented, AB 1482 serves to be the most anti-homeowner law in the country. It aims to offer protection—in the form of stricter reasons for evictions and rent caps for tenants—against “unfair” renting practices from landlord/homeowners.

However, Democrats failed to cover all their bases; landlords found a loophole that enables them to raise rents without legal repercussions. Likewise, due to the loophole, landlords are exempt from paying relocation fees for tenants since the law is not effective yet.

Many districts have implemented eviction freezes in order to mitigate the surge of evictions. However, that is just applying a bandage to a problem that requires open surgery.

By accusing landlords of raising rents on the basis of evicting certain tenants, Democrats have now categorized landlords as “greedy.” In reality, the severity of the situation falls entirely on California Democrats. One part resulting from their failure to take responsibility for their actions per usual; the other part comprising of a clear lack of proactivity with regard to building more housing, leaving the market to negotiate rental prices alone.

The inability to control the renting industry is just another example of how Democrats are committed to partisanship over practicality and common sense.