Confirmed: Education Funding Not Being Used for Education

After much patience, the answer California citizens have been waiting for with regard to proper education funding has arrived. According to the San Diego LCFF, the public was right because education funds have not been used correctly.

Upon further analysis of the audit, it was revealed that San Diego Unified tried to justify their misuse of funds through libraries. Claiming that libraries are aiding the disadvantaged students, San Diego Unified did not see an issue with their use of funds.

Their failure to see the effects of their mismanagement only further shows the need for transparency and accountability for California school funding. Moreover, the audit highlighted how San Diego Unified went past state requirements in terms of unused funds that can be found not only in the 2017-18 plan, but in the 2018-19 plan as well.

Photo by Jp Valery

The incapability to allocate funds correctly further displays the benefit of charter schools and voucher initiatives. Based on the audit, it’s clear that public schools can’t be trusted and can’t offer the best education for California students. The benefit of charter schools is now not only seen in the quality of education, but also from its dissociation from the chaos of public schools.

In conclusion, the audit serves as the supplemental evidence needed to enact changes for school funding. Democratic legislators and teacher’s unions have allowed California education to deteriorate for years at the expense of students.

Furthermore, the audit clearly shows the blatant disinterest in education on behalf of Democratic legislators considering their attempts to use libraries as a way to rationalize their insane spending. In light of the audit, it has never been more obvious that the Democratic legislators are only concerned about power and politics instead of their constituents.