Democrats Can’t Handle the Truth…About Charter Schools

In light of the horrible quality of education that plagues California, numerous families are switching to charter schools as a more accessible and superior option. Charter schools offer educational freedom, allowing children to learn efficiently according to their own style.

The mass influx of families switching to charter schools has sent California Democrats into a frenzy, leading them to declare war on charter schools. Their strong opposition to charter schools illustrates their clear disinterest in education improvement, refusal to serve constituents, and commitment to forwarding the interests of the teacher’s unions that bankroll their campaigns.

Charter schools have provided a learning environment that adapts to the individual needs of children, fostering strong academic performance. Democrats, completely controlled by their union lobbyists, want to deconstruct the institutions due to their interference with union agendas.

For example, failed presidential candidate Julian Castro tried to defame charter schools in the recent presidential debates. According to Castro, “It is a myth that charter schools are better than public schools. They’re not.” However, the facts reveal that Castro is the one guilty of propagating a self-serving myth.

In the past month, a new study for the San Antonio area revealed that charter school students were scoring 1 to 1.5 points higher on standardized tests. Additionally, charter school students were mastering exam material at higher percentages than public school students. Put simply, charter school students are outperforming public school students.

Moreover, charter schools eliminate a financial barrier other school options can pose. The study touched upon the issue highlighting how charter schools have a 40 percent cost-effective advantage compared to traditional public schools.

It is obvious that charter schools are academically beneficial for children and financially accessible for families. Furthermore, charter schools have just scratched the surface. With more funding, academic performance would continue to rise due to the positive correlation—in charter schools—between performance and per-pupil revenue.

Yet, Democrats want to strip this invaluable opportunity away because of the conflict with union lobbyist agendas. They are willing to compromise the educational growth and improvement of children for money and political advancement.

However, families are going to continue to follow the best educational opportunities for their children. It is time for Democrats to realize that constituents are tired of their political games and ready for representatives who value education as much as they do.


Photo by Calle Macarone