Democrats Insane Abortion Law Backfires, Forced to Pay Pro-Life Groups

Disguising under the term “reproductive rights,” Democrats have been advocating for abortion for years with a particular surge in the last few years. In a series of legislative battles to further abortion, California Democrats faced a substantial loss that served as a major victory for pro-life advocates.

In 2015, California Democrats passed the Freedom, Accountability, Comprehensive Care, and Transparency Act (FACT Act), which—on the surface—claimed to provide the full range of options for women who did not want to carry their child to term, with abortion being the main option. Moreover, the overturned law intended to force pro-life clinics to reveal their license status and endorse public programs that supported abortion.

 Yet, within three years, the law was overturned on the basis of First Amendment infringement. The high court articulated that the law was inducing pro-life clinics to contradict their religious beliefs in violating their First Amendment rights—rights actually protected and bestowed to citizens under the Constitution.

As a result of the reversal, pro-choice advocates were required to pay $2.03 million in attorney fees. The money was dispersed between five conservative groups including the American Center for Law & Justice of Washington D.C., whose chief counsel is Trump’s current chief lawyer. Consequently, the reversal served as a precedent for future cases inhibiting other far-left legislation with regard to abortion.

Upon hearing of the reversal, Democrats—in their usual fashion—claimed the decision was unconstitutional. However, the authors of the law were fully aware of the law’s infringement on the First Amendment and chose to blatantly ignore the counsel given with regard to the violation. Ultimately, their assertion, and law, was invalidated.

In the end, it’s disturbing to see that Democrats do not find their actions unconstitutional given that they are opposing the right to life, which is ultimately supposed to be upheld by the U.S. government. The fanaticism with abortion from the Democrats continues to escalate and reach unconscionable levels. Yet, perhaps this significant loss can teach them a thing or two about the sanctity of life.


Featured Photo by Victor Panlilio via Flickr