District Attorney Summer Stephan for the Win

Written by Amanda Williams

In a successful effort to mitigate the aggregate damage caused by San Diego Democrats, San Diego County District Summer Stephan has released an initiative focused on addressing school harassment and abuse.

Recently, San Diego Democrats have let the issue run rampant due to their unwavering loyalty to teacher’s union lobbyists. Likewise, the same union lobbyists fund their campaigns, so Democrats would rather compromise the safety of schools and students instead of losing funding from the lobbyists. Due to the partisan motives of San Diego Democrats, public schools have lacked any standard of accountability resulting in inappropriate behavior going unpunished, such as the sexual abuse cases at Sweetwater High School and La Jolla High School.

Yet, Summer Stephan is driven to fix the problem. In addition to the new online resource, she has also designed a task force called the Student Safety in School System, whose sole responsibility is to manage the incoming claims. As Stephan stated, “If any person – a parent, student – is concerned that their report didn’t go anywhere, slipped through the cracks or they didn’t see any action taken, they can contact us and we will seriously look into it and follow the threat.”

Stephan is committed to serving San Diegans and ensuring the utmost safety for students while at school. Her initiative is a step of proactivity to protect students from harmful teachers who are abusing their authority. As Stephan articulates, “It is just a reality that in every group, there are bad apples and they must be eliminated. Teachers go into teaching and coaching because they care about our kids. But there are a few bad apples.”

It’s refreshing to see a San Diego official who is dedicated and concerned with resolving a prevalent and urgent issue that San Diego Democrats have allowed to foster over the years.