Feinstein’s Monster: Todd Gloria

Assemblyman Todd Gloria recently acquired a coveted endorsement from Sen. Dianne Feinstein. She praised Gloria as “an effective and pragmatic leader who consistently delivers results for San Diego and stands up for working families and our most vulnerable.”

Gloria enthusiastically thanked her, citing her supposedly distinguished career and voicing his enthusiasm to work with her as mayor in the future. It’s true that candidates often take up any notable support they can get, but when that support comes from corrupt career politicians, they ought to be far more cautious.

Unfortunately, Gloria is too focused on the here and now to be concerned with such trivial matters as future implications. He readily accepted the endorsement, but in reality, it’s more of a bug than it is a feature. Gloria should take no pride in receiving Feinstein’s support when her motives have been so questionable in the past.

Her behavior during the Kavanaugh confirmation was despicable and embodies the worst of blind partisanship. She was willing to ruin a good man’s life to win a petty political fight against President Trump and Senate Republicans. She has profited enormously while in office, accumulating a net worth that’s rapidly approaching $100 million. Her voting record is abysmal and her incompetence becomes more severe each day.

If Gloria is proud to receive an endorsement from one of Washington’s most infamous and politically devious figures, then so be it. But San Diegans should take note when they decide who they want to be the next Mayor of San Diego.