Grab the Pitchforks and Torches, it’s Time to Burn PG&E

Written by Anonymous

Money can’t solve your problems, but it sure can give you peace of mind if you’re corrupt enough—and such is the case with PG&E. In the aftermath of vicious wildfires caused by their terrible infrastructure, the energy giant is throwing $13.5 billion in compensation to the victims of these disasters.

It only comes after legal action was threatened, of course. PG&E made a deal with wildlife insurers—an $11 billion deal, to be exact—before they paid the victims of the wildfires in negotiations. This $13.5 billion seems more like damage control than it does an actual attempt at rectifying the damage their failures have caused.

Just about everyone in California is fed up with these antics. From far-left politicians to the most conservative ones, everyone agrees on one thing: PG&E sucks.

Photo by Peretz Partensky via Flickr

Honestly, everyone is just waiting for two things: their bankruptcy (the largest in U.S. history) to pan out in its entirety, and for those affected by the wildfires to get the support they deserve. After that, we can throw the dumpster fire that is PG&E back where it belongs, and turn to different energy providers that actually put people over profit.