Mayor Faulconer Successfully Incorporating Technology and Policy

Technology and government have started to go more hand-in-hand than the public thinks. The progress we’ve made since the start of the decade has been enormous, and smart leaders know how to work with progress to improve their own tactics.

San Diego, of course, is one of the smartest. We were recently ranked first among America’s largest cities in using innovative technology to streamline local governments. From helping the homeless to protecting the environment, our usage of technology has helped us easily meet our strategic plan goals.

Mayor Kevin Faulconer was proud to accept this honor. “This recognition reflects our commitment through innovation to create more opportunities for residents, solve challenging problems and improve the quality of life for current and future generations,” he stated. “This top national ranking demonstrates our progress and continued desire to create a better San Diego for all.”

It’s easy to point to examples. We rapidly opened three bridge centers for the homeless, incorporated apps and websites into providing services to the public, and used geofencing technology to manage dockless scooters such as Bird and Lime.

San Diegans should be proud of all we’ve done, and look forward to exciting new tech going hand-in-hand with policies designed by the people and for the people.