People who Love to Hate

Written by John Culea

Next year it will be 20 years since I was on television reporting the news; a career that began in 1969. Today, what news is and how it is manipulated reflects an alarming change in America. Perhaps the most unsettling reality is that many people who are in the news today, especially in California, love to hate.

In 1967, the Beatles sang “All you need is love.” Today’s chorus from the left is “All we want to do is hate.”

Recent polls show that a large percentage of young people embrace socialism, communism, and any other ‘ism” that tears down the fundamental fabric of America. Never mind that the so-called “Green New Deal” would bankrupt the country and thrust millions into extreme poverty. The haters of America live for what they believe they are entitled to and resent those who have worked hard to attain a higher standard of living.

I first realized the dramatic shift that had happened when my wife and I took a trip to Texas last Christmas. The difference between what we see in California and what we discovered in Texas was astounding. In large part, Texans love their country, state, families, and their neighbors. Many also have a deep love for God and welcome opportunities to share what they have with the needy. Just about wherever we went, Texans were cordial, unpretentious, optimistic, and projected a joy not seen very much in California.

In truth, there is much to love about our country. Under President Trump’s leadership, our economy has never been better. People of all backgrounds are employed in record numbers. Our military is being restored to its once-dominant force. We are having federal judges appointed who are true to the Constitution and the Supreme Court vacancies have been filled with constitutional originalists.

Meantime, the whining Democrats who will never accept the election of Donald Trump continue to stomp on their sour grapes. Under their feet and between their toes is a new version of the “Grapes of Wrath.” And even if it had not been discontinued in the 1980s, it’s doubtful those grapes would be acceptable to bottle a 2019 version of Ripple.