Poway General Atomics Location Awarded $17.8 Grant for Drone Program

San Diego is proud of its high-tech accomplishments, and we’re more than happy to show them off to the rest of the nation and the world. Recently, a Poway-based tech company was spotlighted through a $17.8 million grant, the ramifications of which will not only benefit San Diego’s economy, but demonstrate the prowess of the city in the automation industry.

General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc. was the grateful recipient of a contract offering up to $17.8 million in funds to produce unmanned military aircraft for France. The country’s MQ‐9 Block 5 weaponization and Foreign Military Sales Pod Integration effort is utilizing this contract to provide the French Air Force with new technology.

The unmanned systems in question feature state of the art sensor systems, incorporate ground control stations, and transmit high-resolution imagery to ground forces.

We’re truly lucky to live among the brilliant minds behind this technology, and should be proud of our local tech companies as they go on to become internationally recognized.