Republicans Brian Jones and Mark Powell Coordinating to Address Local Property Crime

While Democratic legislators continue to try and fail to fix problems that will please their lobbyists, Republican leaders in San Diego focus on the issues facing their constituents and propose solutions accordingly. San Diego Board of Education Vice President Mark Powell has joined forces with State Senator Brian Jones to combat the issue of package theft.

Though it may not have received widespread attention, package theft is a real problem. Online shopping has been on the rise in recent years, resulting in a plethora of packages resting on unguarded doorsteps. There is no existing penalty for these “porch pirates,” in part due to legislative efforts in recent years to increase the bar for a theft crime to be defined as a felony to $950.

Photo by Bill Oxford

Powell and Jones are hoping to restructure the laws by dropping the dollar amount and reapplying certain penalties to felonies. One particular suggestion by Jones is classifying entering property with the intent to steal a felony, which is the best way to protect against package theft.

The duo has notably called this legislation nonpartisan. The ability to ensure the safety of everyone’s property shouldn’t be politicized—it should be a fundamental principle for both parties. However, it’s a different story for Democrats, as most of them see the political leanings of legislators as reasons to vote for or against legislation.

Thankfully, our Republican legislators always fight for what’s right, not what’s popular or mainstream. They consistently keep the interests of their constituents at heart, placing people above party, which is a breath of fresh air in the current political climate.