The Failures Just Keep on Coming for Governor Newsom

At this point, any citizen in California can recognize that Governor Newsom is utterly failing with regard to handling the California wildfire devastation. However, in a turn of events, Newsom has now placed sole blame for mismanagement of the wildfires on PG&E. The accusation comes with heavy irony given the connection between the company and Newsom.

While claiming to have never been influenced by money during his political tenure, his connection to PG&E proves otherwise. For the past 20 years, PG&E employees—and the company as a whole—have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to campaigns, programs, and other miscellaneous events for Newsom—along with funding or hosting endeavors for his family members.

Moreover, PG&E has been a significant contributor to his wife’s foundation-the Representation Project-that it has earned the title of associate producer for two of her documentaries. Essentially, PG&E is responsible for funding not only Governor Newsom’s career, but his family members’ careers as well.

Photo by XPRIZE Foundation via Flickr

The accusation made by Newsom against PG&E is not only ironic, but deeply hypocritical. Newsom claims that PG&E should have invested more money in repairing faulty equipment instead of spending it on independent expenditures, neglecting the fact that those funds were allocated to his political expenditures.

Furthermore, it’s hypocritical due to the number of times Governor Newsom has lacked the capability to manage funds correctly. such as with the California education system. While the actions of PG&E are utterly indefensible, it’s comical that Newsom tried to dissociate himself from the company through an accusation of funds mismanagement.

Once again, Governor Newsom has displayed his failings and corruption to the state of California, only this time with a conflict of interest. Newsom is clearly leading with blind partisanship and only looking out for his interests regardless of the opinions and pleas of Californians. The evidence linking Newsom to PG&E is clear and it’s time for him to be held accountable and face the consequences of his failures and corruption.