The Problem with California’s Education System

Should students that attend public K-12 schools that are funded by taxpayer dollars be held to a lower standard than students in private schools?

Well, unfortunately, California is one of just two states in America that don’t utilize an individual student growth model and an accountability model. In other words, while the rest of the United States, except for Kansas, uses growth data to improve the quality of their schools, California does not follow the individual student growth model.

Although Gov. Gavin Newsom passed two bills to improve the quality and accountability of public schools, the public schools and community colleges that are funded by taxpayers dollars are still not being used to the full potential, which can be fairly concluded since the academic quality does not match that of charter and private schools.

Education reform groups have been cracking down on many school districts like Los Angeles Unified for not being clear in how their extra money is being spent, funded by the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF).

Former California Gov. Jerry Brown was also presented with multiple ways that public schools could be improved, which is beneficial for the educational learning of students. However, Brown refused to have higher accountability standards for public K-12 schools because he trusted local school officials to “do the right thing” and gave them additional funding to improve the outcome for poor students and those who struggle to learn English. Brown also refused for the initiation of the longitudinal data system which would track kids in public schools from K-12 to analyze their performance and see what does and doesn’t work. 

Newsom, similar to Brown, offered $10 million to create a system that fits in his original budget. While improving public schools is something we all adamantly support, it is unfair and unethical to deprive students of opportunities to attend better schools—whether they are private, charter, or just located in other districts. A zip code shouldn’t determine a child’s future, but Democrats continue to maintain a system that enforces this ridiculous notion.


Photo by Element5 Digital