The Thumbprint Project Foundation Receives Lincoln Club Cares Award

The Thumbprint Project Foundation was the recipient of the Lincoln Club Cares Award this week. They competed with eight other foundations, but the Thumbprint Project Foundation outshined the others to be the award winner.

Lincoln Club members and their guests had the opportunity to learn about these organizations using a passport system and discover the impact they have on San Diego County.

The Lincoln Club members are united by a desire to see the community grow in safety, quality of life, and opportunity for all San Diegans. The Thumbprint Project Foundation was recognized and awarded for its non-profit work that furthers these goals in the community.

Senator Brian Jones, Mayor Rebecca Jones, along with other prominent figures in San Diego were there in support of bettering the community. The Thumbprint Project Foundation is very proud to have received this award in which the children and community they serve will all benefit from it.

The Thumbprint Project foundation takes a proactive and aggressive approach to address the homelessness crisis in San Diego by aiding in the transitional process of homeless children who have been impacted by Childhood Domestic Violence. Studies show that children who have experienced homelessness in their lifetime are likely to repeat it in their future, and are likely to deal with the impact of their childhood experience by turning to addiction and repeat the domestic violence behavior. This foundation is helping to bring awareness to Childhood Domestic Violence in San Diego.

On March 21, 2020, the Thumbprint Project foundation will hold an event at the Rancho Bernardo Inn. District Attorney  Summer Stephan will be their keynote speaker in what is sure to be an amazing night.

Lastly, the Lincoln Club would like everyone to keep the following charities in mind and offer support or donations if they are able to do so: A Step Beyond, East County Transitional Housing, LightBridge Hospice, Noah Homes, Project Cornerstone, Solutions for Change, Stephen J Wampler Foundation, Thumbprint Project, and the Wheels of Change by Alpha Project.