Three Smuggling Boats Intercepted in One Day in San Diego, Yet Democrats Still Reject Border Security

Written by Nicholas Vetrisek

Just two weeks ago, three smuggling boats were intercepted in one day by U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP). Yet, for some reason, this is still not seen as a problem according to many Democrats.

According to CBP, the number of maritime apprehensions has increased and this is likely due to the new border wall reinforcements installed by the Trump administration. In other words, the wall works and illegal aliens are looking for alternative ways into the country.

Unfortunately, now that the border defenses have been shored up, some of the responsibility of protecting against illegal immigration has now been given to the government of California—and if Gavin Newsom is any indication, not much will be done.

Whether it’s his sending of 100 soldiers to the border but specifically not aiding in the capture of illegals, or creating new protections for illegal immigrants, it’s clear that he is actively working against the interests of U.S. citizens in California. Furthermore, as San Diego turns further blue, this may become a major problem for anyone who wants a well-defended border.

As Trump’s wall continues to get built, one thing is becoming clear: the fact that part of the job of protecting the border now belongs to state and local officials. In essence, Trump has done his job, now it’s our turn.