California Democrats Fighting Against Education, Continued

Written by Amanda Williams 

Despite the constant pleas and advocacy from San Diegans, California continues to regress with respect to education. California Democrats have consistently enacted legislation that harms a child’s education just so they can appease the teachers’ unions who fund their campaigns. Moreover, as per usual, California Democrats are blatantly ignoring the voices and opinions of their constituents on the matter.

Just when it seemed like education in California could not get any worse, Democrats stripped away school choice from families. School choice essentially allows families to make the best education decisions based on the needs of their children. Moreover, school choice gathered support from voters on both sides of the political spectrum.

Yet California Democrats, especially Governor Gavin Newsom, ignored the support and signed legislation that would ultimately eliminate school choice. The new legislation essentially made it impossible for new charter schools to arise and practically forced established charters to shut down.

Lastly, Governor Newsom falsely claimed that having the option of charter schools wouldn’t be beneficial, regardless of the overwhelming support for charter schools from nearly all California voters. California Democrats are solely responsible for the poor education standards and for the damage caused towards a child’s education in the state.

California Democrats Fighting Against Education, Continued

Florida, on the other hand, has employed opposite tactics from California and is reaping the benefits. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis enacted legislation that promotes school choice and that offers vouchers so families can afford the best education option for their children.

Moreover, Governor DeSantis approved legislation that expands options for children with special needs so the families can afford different education avenues and services that best benefit their children. As a result of the recent legislations passed, education in Florida is thriving.  

It’s absolutely abysmal to see the efforts on behalf of the California Democrats for education after examining education in Florida. Perhaps if Democrats stopped prioritizing teachers’ unions and instead focused on the educational needs of children within their constituencies, there just might be hope for California.


Featured Photo by JD Lasica via Flickr