California Young Democrats Endorse Far-Left Bernie Sanders for President

California Young Democrats, composed of California Democratic Party members aged 14-35, officially endorsed Bernie Sanders for the party’s presidential nomination during the state Democratic Party’s November endorsement event in Long Beach.

It suffices to say that young Democrats are diving headfirst into radicalism. Bernie’s policies are the furthest left out of the candidate herd, border lining on outright socialist.

Will Rodriguez-Kennedy, group president and Chairman of the San Diego County Democratic Party gave just a few examples of such bold policies. He stated that “U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders has been leading the fight for Medicare for All, a Green New Deal and College For All, which is why so many Young People are ‘Feeling the Bern.’”

Policy isn’t the only reason why young Democrats obsessively love Sanders. He rejects the Establishment™, sticking it to the proverbial man, and people like that. They’re sick and tired of partisan hacks and want to embrace someone who can uproot The System™ and provide Real Change™.

However, Sanders obviously isn’t the solution. He may protest rampant corruption and fight elitism, but his solutions to the nation’s problems are dangerous. He goes against the grain of the very definition of America, feeding off of the self-loathing among American citizens. People are blaming capitalism for their problems, and turning to socialist ideas in desperation, when the issue is not with the puppet, but with its master.

The economy largely reflects the government, and a corrupt government will be reflected in a corrupt economic system. It is not the free market that is the issue, but the Democrats and the big money that abuse it.

Sadly, the media has made individuals such as the California Young Democrats believe that socialist policy is the only available solution. This endorsement is a disappointing demonstration of how radicalized modern politics have become, and it seems like things aren’t going to look up anytime soon.

But let’s look on the bright side: at least they were intelligent enough to not endorse Kamala Harris.