DMV Scandal Altering Voter Registration is Benefiting Democrats

In a world where bias and lies run rampant in the mainstream media, seeing a reporter take on a daunting institution and eloquently prove their misconduct is a breath of fresh air. San Diego hasn’t exactly been stellar at providing unbiased, true news, but every now and then, a reporter proves to be an exception.

Kathy Grimes recently unveiled that the DMV has been changing voter registrations during routine visits, causing a storm of confusion among individuals “accidentally” registered under the wrong political party.

Since the Motor Voter program was launched in 2015, voters have been automatically registered upon visiting the DMV. Though its initial design was made in order to boost voter turnout, the program promoted pandemonium more than it did democracy. It caused over 100,000 voter registration errors, a number that could absolutely alter the course of an election.

In Grimes’ analysis of the situation, she pointed out that many of these misregistrations turned out unfairly in favor of the Democratic Party—because of course they did. Illegal aliens, felons, and inmates were all among individuals contributing to what Grimes labeled Californian Democrats’ “perfect storm” of automatic voter registration.

It’s absolutely imperative that reporters have the will to call out corruption when they see it. Grimes not only demonstrates fantastic investigative journalism skills, but a way with words that effectively and powerfully conveys the reality: the Democratic Party is unfairly skewing elections. We encourage all of our readers to take a look at the piece she’s worked on, and see for themselves an example of real, unbiased news reporting on issues important to Californians.