Governor Newsom Doesn’t Seem to Care About Fire Victims

Written by Nicholas Vetrisek

There has been much back-and-forth between Governor Gavin Newsom and  President Trump following the disastrous wildfires. In response to Newsom’s failure in handling the California wildfire situation recently, President Trump tweeted:

Gavin Newsom, with the smugness and gall of someone truly drunk on status, decided to respond.

As if the man in charge of stopping forest fires from destroying his state has the luxury of telling the man in the highest office in the land, “You are excused.” If this doesn’t show Governor Newsom’s incompetence, what does? He is trying to score brownie points with the blue checkmarks on Twitter while people are losing their lives.

Regardless of the hatred between Trump and Newsom, the governor should at least realize that Trump would be an unbelievable asset in containing the fires. With the power he holds, and more importantly, the federal money he can give to California, it would make extinguishing the fires much easier.

Unfortunately, however, that would simply be too reasonable. Newsom would much rather take a shot at Trump over climate change instead of potentially saving the lives of his citizens. Virtue signaling is far easier than solving the problem ever could be. At least when Newsom is addressed by a family whose loved one is now a charred corpse, he can tell them it was all worth it because he got a mean zinger in on Trump.


Photo by JD Lasica via Flickr