San Diego Democrats Wasting Taxpayer Money to Study the Debunked Gender Wage Gap

San Diego is launching a $500,000 study to determine if female and minority-owned companies are getting a lesser share of the millions of dollars dealt out to contractors yearly.

How is the study being funded? Your tax dollars, of course.

Just when we thought that we escaped the identity politics nonsense of 2016, some of San Diego’s leaders finally caved. They claim that the fact that less than one percent of the city’s contracts have been issued to women and minorities historically is the result of nothing other than blatant racism, sexism, and any other myriad of -isms that social justice warriors can come up with.

Of course, nobody is willing to consider the notion that this low percentage is due to fewer women and minorities being in a position where they would need these contracts. One of the focus topics for this analysis is contracts for engineering and construction work, both fields in which women have less interest in than men, on average.

A gap in this aspect of the study can be reasonably chalked up to fewer women being interested in these contracts than men, and thus receiving fewer contracts in this field than men. Of course, it’s going to take us a cool half-million dollars to figure that out.

A partner study is being planned to investigate the “wage gap” in San Diego. Despite such a gap being debunked over and over again, it’s been milked for “wokeness” for years, which is exactly what San Diego is doing now. Attributing the different earnings of men and women to sexism alone suggests that the factor that DOES cause a gap in earnings—namely, the fact that men and women tend to take on different jobs with different levels of pay—doesn’t exist at all.

There is no wage gap, there is a jobs gap—and forcing women to take higher-paying jobs is a FAR more problematic situation than the “wage gap,” however fictitious the latter may be.

San Diego Democrats will be scratching their heads over the wage gap for years to come, and until we get them out of office, we’ll be paying for their stupidity. But hey, at least we’ll seem woke!


Featured Photo by Jp Valery