San Diego Impeachment Rally Led by None Other than County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher

On Sunday, hundreds of people gathered in San Diego in a protest to support the Democratic impeachment of President Trump. It’s unclear what exactly the protestors believe constitutes impeachment, other than vague descriptions of “obstructing Congress” and “abusing power.” Given that the evidence for both of these claims is extraordinarily weak, it seems that impressionable Democratic voters simply buy into this nonsense because their establishment elites demand that they do.

This wasn’t a serious rally, nor is the impeachment inquiry a serious effort to restore law and order to the federal government. All of this is a bloviating, self-serving partisan attempt to shift the electoral odds of the 2020 election in the favor of Democrats. It’s an embarrassing display of political desperation, but it’s really not too surprising. The days of Truman and Kennedy Democrats are long behind us—we’re now in the era of bloodthirsty Democratic authoritarians willing to do anything to attain the levers of power. One need only watch a few minutes of any of the Democratic presidential debates to see this clearly.

However, it isn’t just the dupes who have bought into the Democratic narrative, as local elected officials are all on board too—so long as it furthers their political aspirations. And when it comes to advancing one’s own political ambitions, few can hold a light to County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher’s willingness to shift on any issue as soon as it becomes beneficial to do so. With the spine of a jellyfish and the arrogance of a drunk pedestrian, Fletcher found the courage to lead the impeachment rally.

It’s a wonder how we got such a brave Supervisor. One who is willing to turn his political beliefs on a dime and build romantic relationships that are more centered on political expediency than actual intimacy. The “power couple” of Fletcher and Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez reeks of ruthless opportunism masked as convenient love—a duo with the desires of the Clintons but none of the aptitude. If only voters could see through the rather obvious facade of Fletcher’s grandstanding—both in his relationship and in his calls for impeachment.


Photo by Master Steve Rapport via Flickr