The Far Left Blames Racism and Sexism for Kamala Harris’ Failed Campaign

Amidst the absolute tsunami of impeachment drama, a very uneventful Democratic debate managed to occur. Of course, MSNBC had to find some way to make the 2020 debate season go out with a bang.

Today’s boon? The most recent Democratic Debate allegedly only had white people on stage.

Yes, allegedly. It’s quite clear that Andrew Yang, one of the candidates in the December debate, is Taiwanese. He has been excluded from mainstream polls and reporting since day one of his campaign, mainly because he doesn’t share the far left’s hatred of capitalism, billionares, and Republicans. 

So, why has the mainstream media gone absolutely bananas over this fictitious “lack of representation?” 

Kamala Harris.

When she dropped out of the 2020 race, her supporters were quick to blame anything but the woman herself. They complained that the Democratic Party hated people of color and females, but especially hated female people of color.

They also pointed out the fact that candidates such as Cory Booker were still in the race, despite having less of a chance than Harris at gaining any traction. Nevermind the fact that Cory Booker should drop out too, and never mind the fact that females, people of color, and female people of color are still in the 2020 candidate casino—the far left is fully intent on spinning this situation into something it certainly isn’t.

What they failed to realize, however, was that Kamala Harris was not forced to drop out by some invisible hand of racism, sexism, or any other number of -isms. It was her decision, and it was probably the best one that she’s made for her campaign.

When the left is trying to spin one woman’s personal decision into the product of sexism and racism, it shows that their virtue signaling is far more important to them than the truth.


Photo by Gage Skidmore via Flickr