UCSD Professor and Climate Advisor for Pete Buttigieg Taking Heat from the Far Left

Written by Nicholas Vetrisek

David Victor, climate advisor for Pete Buttigieg and UC San Diego professor, has recently been attacked by the far left for his thoughts on the Green New Deal. Unlike most leftist intellectuals, he understands that the Green New Deal literally cannot work and that it is a pipe dream at best and a mass delusion at worst.

The controversy initially stemmed from the fact that Victor stated in a New York Times article that Bernie Sanders’ climate plan “can’t work in the real world.” The reaction was later exacerbated by activists who discovered that much of his research was funded by British Petroleum. 

While the activists were correct in noticing that much of his research is funded by them, it seems that decades of activism and working to improve the climate can be dashed away after one comment of “wrongthink” against Saint Bernie.

He has been a major contributor to the IPCC, one of the lead architects of the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement, and is a current co-chair of the Brookings Institution’s Initiative on Energy and Climate. If anyone knows what would work with regard to climate change, it’s him. He’s certainly a better bet than Bernie Sanders, a career politician that has never worked in a STEM field or done anything regarding science—or anything at all, really.

Despite one of the common Democratic fallacies being to “trust the experts,” they sure don’t seem to follow the advice themselves. Here is a man that has dedicated a large portion of his life to studying the climate and along the way has had great achievements in the field, only to be thrown under the bus by angry progressives that are unwilling to listen to reason.


The state of the modern Democratic Party is simply disgraceful. If a man like Victor—who clearly had nothing but the best intentions and simply wanted a reasonable solution—can be driven out by ideological zealots, what does it say about the rest of the party?