Voice of San Diego Once Again Gives Labor Unions a Pass when Covering Financial Problems of San Diego Unified

In classic Democratic fashion, the results of their past decisions are coming back to haunt them. Involving San Diego Unified and the fiscal budget, the district is predicted to have an even bigger deficit than seen a few years ago.

Last summer, district officials claimed they had resolved the $1.4-billion budget in conjunction with having the ability to distribute raises. Moreover, the increase in funding from Governor Newsom attributed to the ostensibly improved fiscal condition of San Diego Unified. Yet, as citizens continually see, the Democrats failed to account for the long-term effects of their fiscal decisions.

As a consequence of their financial impropriety, San Diego Unified will be $38 million short with regard to meeting their budget for this fiscal year. Additionally, San Diego Unified will be facing a $45 million deficit this upcoming year for annual operating costs.

While there are a plethora of reasons why San Diego Unified has fiscal problems, the most significant contributor is labor unions. However, given the scrutiny surrounding the fiscal problems of San Diego Unified, why are the labor unions never mentioned? The answer rests in the fact that the labor unions helped the current elected officials gain their office.

In theory, the elected officials should be pushing back against the insatiable demands of the labor unions and defending their own taxpayers. Yet, elected Democrats cannot and will not refute labor unions due to the inherent conflict of interest. Local Democrats, like Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, are more concerned with appeasing the labor unions to keep their office instead of honoring the desires of their taxpaying constituents.

In addition to elected officials neglecting to speak out against labor unions, the bias of the media allows for the unions to go unscathed. In a recent Voice of San Diego article, Ashley McGlone blatantly ignores the role labor unions play in the fiscal dilemma of San Diego Unified. She only reports the details that fit a certain narrative instead of the whole and accurate truth.

However, the failure to report the complete truth in terms of the fiscal incompetence is not a first for Voice of San Diego. A few months ago, a different author reported on a similar situation and completely disregarded the influence of labor unions on the fiscal decisions of elected officials.

The deficit set to plague San Diego Unified simply comes down to Democrats pledging allegiance to labor unions instead of their own constituents. Moreover, if this allegiance persists, San Diego Unified will not be able to recover soon—if ever.