Walmart Hiring Veterans across San Diego and the Rest of California

Despite coming under fire by Democrats against big business, supermarket icon Walmart has continued to do good for the working class, especially families and veterans. They recently announced that they have hired more than 10,000 former military members in California alone since making a recruiting pledge in 2013. 

The Veterans Welcome Home Commitment, launched six years ago on Memorial Day, guarantees employment to any veteran honorably discharged since that day, so long as the veterans meet their hiring criteria. Their initial goal of hiring 100,000 veterans across the United States has been expanded to 250,000 veterans by 2020. A similar program was launched last year to help military spouses, which has welcomed similar success.

This program has become paramount in assisting veterans transitioning to civilian life after difficult deployments.

Durrand Lardge, assistant store manager at a San Diego-area supercenter and veteran, stated that “My time in the Marines prepared me to be a leader who follows through with every mission assigned every time, and Walmart provides me the tools to be a leader driving my own career. I joined Walmart through the Welcome Home program, and I am happy to see how my fellow servicemen and women benefit from a program providing great connections.”

No matter what sticks and stones others may throw at them, Walmart continues to help people like Lardge improve their lives, proving that private enterprise can and does work in the best interests of the people.


Featured Photo by Mike Mozart via Flickr