California Green New Deal Paid for by Money Magically “Showing Up” According to Assembly Democrats

Recently, it has become a norm for Democratic legislation to lack a concrete and realistic explanation for how their programs and initiatives are going to be funded. They run on the promise of how the program will reap such momentous benefits that they conveniently forget to inform the citizens that their tax payments will increase exponentially.

The “California Green New Deal” follows the same pattern except with one slight difference: the Democrats actually admit to being unknowledgeable about where the necessary funds will come from.

The Green New Deal is a piece of national legislation that was first championed by far-left Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). Even though the legislation was shot down in Congress, Democrats in the California Legislature still approved a resolution clearly stating their support for a statewide Green New Deal. Assemblyman Todd Gloria and Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez were key players in making sure the absurd resolution was approved.

As usual, the Democratic concept would do infinitely more harm than good to Californians. The statewide Green New Deal would exponentially raise costs in conjunction with stunting energy production and other economic industries. As always, the Democrats failed to mention the ramifications because they were more concerned with making climate change a more salient issue instead of the potential damage it could cause their own constituents.

Moreover, how do the Democrats intend to pay for the California Green New Deal? If you ask Democrat Assemblyman Robert Bonta, apparently the money just “shows up.” The lack of explanation or tangible financial outline is not only comical, but utterly pathetic. The fact that a California elected official could not explain where the funding would be coming from just highlights the persistent incompetence and ineptitude seen from Democrats in the State Assembly.

Yet, it’s not just a single Assemblyman. Members like Gloria and Gonzalez are as equally incompetent and inept for supporting the resolution in the first place. With demonstrations like this, it’s becoming increasingly obvious by the day that Assemblymembers like Todd Gloria and Lorena Gonzalez are too far left for San Diego.