DMV Motor Voter Scandal Keeps Getting Worse

Written by Nicholas Vetrisek

The Motor Voter Program—as it has been implemented thus far—has been a complete disaster. While initially thought to be a problem, an August report was released showing that the issue was far worse than anyone could have ever imagined.

The report stated that there were over 250,000 errors related to the program, including roughly 83,000 duplicate voter registrations and over 170,000 DMV records with party membership inconsistencies.

Now, it appears that many of these problems are resurfacing. With reports coming in that the system is once again creating errors for political affiliation, many Republican lawmakers are calling for the system to be temporarily put on hold until the problems can be remedied.

The Sacramento Bee reported that “at least 600 Californians, including lifelong Republicans and Democrats, have had their voting registration unexpectedly changed, and several county elections officials are pinning much of the blame on the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles.”

The problem has gotten so bad that even the daughter of the California Senate Minority Leader Shannon Grove has experienced issues with the system. According to Sacramento’s CBS 13 News Team, More than 300 of the complaints were from Santa Clara County, nearly 200 were from Sacramento County, and over 100 from Shasta County.

The Motor Voter Program is one that may eventually work in the future, but for now, it needs to be put on hold until the major issues plaguing the system can be solved.