Governor Newsom More Concerned with the Spotlight than Addressing Homelessness

Political hackery has, yet again, gotten in the way of the common good.

It’s the same nonsense from Governor Gavin Newsom on the pressing issue of homelessness. He seems to lack any form of a plan for California’s homeless, instead opting to get soundbite quotes in for media coverage, or reacting to noteworthy events to gain virtue signal points. His next move? Hiring Matthew Doherty, a Washington D.C.-based consultant on homelessness solutions, as a part-time advisor on the problem, despite the problem’s magnitude clearly necessitating full-time responsibilities.

Homelessness has only worsened during Newsom’s time in office, and we need more than just a sparkling new contractor living on the other side of the country to address a growing crisis right here at home. About half of the nation’s homeless live on our streets, yet our governor can’t be bothered to do more than enlist the help of an out-of-state contractor with other obligations.

Perhaps this is another one of Newsom’s ploys to launch a few “gotcha” shots at President Trump, who has previously stated that his plans to combat homelessness may specifically focus on California. Doherty, having previously been dropped by the Trump administration, claims to have “intimate details” of Trump’s plans. Newsom has stated that he won’t be revealing these details until Doherty’s successor has been appointed, but something certainly seems off about this whole situation.

Newsom seems to just have hired Doherty to impede the president’s progress. Are we waiting for the replacement’s name for an actual reason, or is Newsom slamming the brakes on progress just to come off as the “bigger person?”

Suffice it to say that Californians are sick and tired of seeing nothing done about the biggest issue to voters this year. It’s sad to see 2019 come and go without any tangible progress on Newsom’s part, but we can only hope that 2020 will reveal some hope for change.


Photo by JD Lasica via Flickr