Sacramento Judge Seeking to Prevent 76th Assembly District Candidate Dr. Melanie Burkholder from Identifying Herself as “Doctor”

California Democrats have made every effort to thwart Republican intentions to fairly present their candidates on the ballot. Recently, a Sacramento Superior Court Judge Steven M. Gevercer ordered 76th Assembly District candidate Melanie Burkholder to not identify herself as a doctor on her ballot statement for the March 3 primary, despite prior candidates having used the “Dr.” identification in the past.

Burkholder holds a doctorate in clinical Christian counseling. As a certified mental health professional, she utilizes the title “Doctor” to refer to her possession of a Ph.D. It’s the title she’s identified herself by throughout her professional career—essentially, her most recognizable moniker, and her public persona.

“She has a public persona as a counselor and a doctor,” Burkholder’s campaign spokesman Duane Dichiara explained. “She is on TV and radio all the time as Dr. Melanie Burkholder.”

It’s also worth noting that the San Diego Registrar of Voters and California Secretary of State agreed with Burkholder that the case should’ve been immediately dismissed. Nonetheless, an activist judge felt compelled to intervene in the election and step well beyond his bounds.

Democrats are deeming this action akin to falsely representing oneself as a medical doctor, which simply isn’t the case. In reference to individuals who possess a doctorate, “Dr.” can represent anyone from college professors to scientists. Its usage may include but is not confined to the medical profession. By no means was Burkholder attempting to pass off as a medical doctor—she was merely emphasizing the nature of the qualifications she possesses regarding her experience as a mental health professional.

In response, Burkholder said, “I am deeply disappointed in the Sacramento Superior Court’s decision and the implications it may have on our election. Though I may not be a medical doctor, I am a mental health professional. Mental health is just as important to the well-being of our citizens as physical health, and should be treated with the same amount of respect. Those who have devoted their lives to this profession should be outraged by the unfair treatment the courts are showing us.”

The implication may be that Democrats don’t know how to think for themselves so this judge told them how to think by arguing that a “reasonably educated voter may think Ms. Burkholder is a medical doctor and she is not, therefore she cannot use the title on the ballot.” This claim is stunningly insulting to voters, but neither Judge Gevercer nor Democrats seem to care much about that or election integrity.

All of this goes to show the priorities of the Democratic Party and its associates. Rather than allowing Burkholder to use a designation attributed to her degree and experience, they instead chose to slander her as a liar to all of San Diego. Burkholder has every right to stand up for her fellow mental health advocates, and to present herself on the ballot in a fair manner. A Sacramento judge overreaching in an attempt to alter an election is just the latest in an ongoing trend of political and legal malfeasance from the left.