Sacramento Press Club Holding a “How to beat Trump in 2020” Event; Another Case of the Media Doing Democrats’ Job

There is a difference between being an activist and being a journalist. As such, one cannot let their devoutness to their political beliefs affect their ability to present fair and unbiased news. Unfortunately, this distinction has apparently become a dream in today’s day and age of partisan hackery and leftist media bias.

The Sacramento Press Club supposedly prides itself on presenting a nonpartisan view of the facts, but still chooses to host events biased towards the Democratic Party and its cause. According to their website, “there are more than 200 active members in the Sacramento Press Club. The SPC membership includes political reporters and columnists, new media journalists, public relations experts, press secretaries, political consultants, legislative staff members and other members of the public with an interest in the media and/or politics.”

SPC’s newest event boasts the headline “How to beat Trump in 2020.” It’s set to feature a conversation between Democratic campaign strategist Bill Burton and never-Trump Republican Mike Madrid, co-founder of the Lincoln Project, regarding what it would take to defeat President Trump in 2020.

This is a perfect example of fatuous Objective Journalism™—that is, presenting a one-sided take on an issue with the specific intent to push a particular narrative. Having a Republican who opposes Trump converse with a Democrat who also opposes Trump isn’t “balancing a discussion” on how Trump should be beaten in 2020. They’re neglecting to consider a vital fact: Trump has supporters too.

The California presidential primary is just around the corner, so this event will be the first of many intent on erasing Trump supporters. It’s a shame to see so many “nonpartisan” publications throwing away their integrity to push a partisan narrative, but it reveals that media organizations like the Sacramento Press Club are nothing more than de facto Democratic associations.