San Diego Sector Border Apprehensions Down Nearly 20 Percent

Written by Nicholas Vetrisek

In San Diego, Border Patrol apprehensions are down nearly 20 percent from the same point last year. This is continuing a trend since August of massively decreasing border apprehensions. All of this in spite of Democrats saying that Trump’s immigration policies are failing.

In the San Diego sector, November 2018 detentions numbered 8,804 and decreased drastically to only 7,318 at the same point in 2019. This is giving much needed relief to the already overburdened immigration enforcement officials.

Since July when Trump finally got his border defense spending, immigrant detentions have gone down significantly from an all time high of 144,000 in June, to now being less than Obama administration levels at 42,000.

In a statement, Border Patrol explained that “the hardworking agents of the San Diego sector continue to diligently impede and deny illegal entry.” What is happening in San Diego is simply a microcosm of what is happening across the United States with regard to illegal immigration. Through a combination of proper funding and effective leadership, the border crisis may finally be coming to an end.

Despite the good news, however, the agency stated that unaccompanied children and families “continue to strain resources in San Diego as these demographics are the most draining when it comes to manpower and supplies.” Still, it appears that border agents are finally able to get a grasp of the situation now that numbers are at a more manageable level and as a result, they have more resources to spare.


Featured Photo by Raymond Wambsgans via Flickr