San Diego Union-Tribune Refuses to Interview Republican County Supervisor Candidate; Again Showing Left-Wing Bias

The San Diego Union-Tribune, once one of the most reputable news sources in California, has completely given in to the temptation of biased journalism and political hackery. Over the weekend, the U-T published an article titled “Meet The Candidates for San Diego County Board of Supervisors District 1.” Seems innocent enough, until further inspection reveals that they’ve selectively omitted the only Republican in the race, Alex Galicia, from their panel and spotlighted the four Democrats running.

The U-T claims to be adhering to a set of criteria to make the “difficult decisions” of omitting candidates from their reports, which vaguely include social media presence, fundraising, endorsements, and campaign strategy. Apparently, all four Democrats meet this arbitrary set of requirements, but the only Republican doesn’t.

The fact that the U-T didn’t even make the effort to reach out to the Republican Party’s endorsed candidate speaks volumes about their journalistic integrity—or lack thereof. Regardless of Galicia’s online presence, he—at the very least—deserves an equal chance to be interviewed.

The Republican Party of San Diego County doesn’t just hand out endorsements to whoever wants them. They endorse serious candidates, and they surely didn’t make a mistake endorsing Galicia for the San Diego County Board of Supervisors. The fact that news outlets aren’t willing to take conservatives seriously is exactly why the “fake news” narrative is maintaining its relevance.

Unfortunately, this is only another case of The San Diego Union-Tribune’s leftward spiral. From falsely accusing Republican candidates of lying and smearing San Diego News Desk to fabricating stories and misrepresenting local economic data, the U-T has all but admitted its left-wing bias. It’s sad to watch the publication desperately grasp at straws, but it shows readers where their intentions really lie.