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County Supervisor Candidate Alex Galicia Responds to Union-Tribune Refusing to Interview Him

The San Diego Union-Tribune selected four of the eight current candidates for San Diego County Supervisor Seat in District 1. Not sure if coincidental but they were all Democrats. I submitted the following statement as an editorial comment:

Dear U-T Editorial board,

You chose to exclude half of the District 1 candidates. Not sure if it’s an endorsement or nod to a particular party but I’d like to point out that I am a candidate as well. Despite not having perhaps the name recognition and funding approaching that of your chosen four candidates, I do possess some unique qualities, relevant to our region, that perhaps were not taken into consideration when determining the criteria by which you decided who to interview. I note as follows:

1. I have an award-winning small business, located on the Chula Vista Bayfront that employs 22 locals, pays living wages and proudly supports our local community wherever possible. BPI Plumbing in Chula Vista.
2. I have 20 years+ private, for-profit, industry background. This, like my Master’s Degree, focused on Transportation and Logistics.
3. I have an honorable military record (with a combat tour) as both an enlisted man and as a commissioned officer. My service was not one but two branches, the US Navy and the US Army.
4. I have the exclusive endorsement of a major political party, the San Diego County Republican Party.

Sorry I didn’t make your cut but perhaps you could learn more about me and my platform at


Alex Galicia,
Candidate for San Diego County Supervisor, District 1

P.S. I am overwhelmed by the sheer volume of positive support this incident had garnered. At first, I felt anger. Now I feel determination. I think the best outcome for me and my fellow patriots (especially in District 1) would be to successfully make it through this primary, the ultimate proof of the U-T’s irrelevance and their feeble attempt to bury me.