Democrats Create the Problems They Campaign on Solving

Democrats in California have again and again proven their incompetence and short-sightedness with policies that exacerbate the problems that they are trying to solve. The issues of homelessness, lack of affordable housing, wildfires, and energy production have all grown far worse under the Democrats’ reign of terror.

At this point, it’s impossible to claim that Democrats are trying their best or that they have the state’s best interests at heart because they have been in power for years and nothing has changed for the better. It’s more expensive than ever to live in California, causing more and more families to be driven into poverty. They make living in California difficult for everyone while pretending to occupy the moral high ground and deriding the people who actually want to make the state better.

Photo by Ben Taylor via Flickr

The homeless population has exploded in California and the reason is simple. Democrats are not addressing the root causes of the issue, like substance abuse, mental health issues, and high costs of living in cities. Without dealing with the underlying causes of the problem, nothing will ever change.

The lack of affordable housing is tied deeply with the homelessness problem. Regulations make development outside of the cities nearly impossible while rising property costs and taxes make living in California’s cities untenable. In terms of wildfires, the Sacramento Democrats refuse to take the proper safety precautions because they are concerned about potential climate change implications. And while they debate endlessly over these implications, California burns.

Simple but effective solutions like clearing excess shrubbery and properly utilizing controlled burns would decrease the size and danger of these wildfires. Energy production suffers as well. Democrats provide substantial subsidies for renewable but unreliable sources like wind and solar, while clean energy like nuclear and natural gas are pushed to the side.

The moral of the story is that Democrats create their own problems. They make the problems and then campaign on a platform of solving those same problems. It’s dishonest and self-centered and not the way we should be doing politics in California. These Democrats have had their time in the sun but if they care at all about the situation in California then it might be time for them to let someone else take a shot at solving these problems.