Democrats Create the Problems They Complain About

Income inequality is evil. Being successful is evil. To normal people, these ideas are insane and can be readily discarded with no further thought. But for Democrats, the notion that the inequality that comes with disproportionate success between individuals is evil is not only respected, but treated as gospel.

The Democrats have been screaming for years that there is some deep injustice in people making different amounts of money—that it’s somehow immoral when a person becomes wealthy. It could not possibly be because they work harder or do more valuable work.

However, America is founded on a simple principle of equal opportunity. It means that anyone can make a life for themselves if they work hard and take advantage of the opportunities presented to them. But Democrats don’t want equal opportunity, they want equal outcomes. Wealth gaps are a natural part of the capitalist system—and really just a fact of reality—that we live in, not everyone is going to become a millionaire. If everyone were to end up with the same income then there would be no incentive for people to work hard and improve their lives. Success would mean nothing in that system of “equality.”

Despite social safety nets and welfare programs passed by Democrats in California to bridge this wealth gap, income inequality is still growing in the Golden State. The policies that Democrats in Sacramento have concocted to solve this perceived problem are actually making the situation worse. The astronomically high taxes and the inflated cost of living in cities make it almost impossible for these poor families to sustain themselves, driving them further into poverty.

Every time the Democrats try to help, it ends up making the situation much worse. The explanation for this phenomenon is actually quite simple: Democrats don’t spend a lot of time or effort coming up with their policy solutions. All of their policies boil down to throwing money at problems and hoping that they disappear. Rather than actually address the root causes of problems like poverty and homelessness, they increase taxes to pay for new welfare programs and start the cycle all over again.

Being successful is not a crime, it is not evil, and it does not warrant punishment. Wealthy and successful Californians pay for the majority of the state’s inefficient welfare programs with their taxes, so the state should really be throwing these successful people parades instead of scheming up ways to confiscate more of their money.

Without the money that they already give it would be impossible to support these Democratic policies. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.