Democrats like Nathan Fletcher Temporarily Praising Mitt Romney are Utterly Disingenuous

Mitt Romney will face indescribable scorn from his party in the short term, but history will judge him as having the courage to do the right thing.” These are the words of San Diego County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher, who left the Republican Party back in 2012 because the party no longer “aligned” with his political views.

Senator Romney (R-UT) voted to convict President Trump on charges of abuse of power, breaking from the rest of Republicans in the Senate. Romney had every right to make this call, he exercised his personal judgment on the issue and came to his own conclusion. One Republican out of 250 in the House and Senate voting to impeach or remove President Trump is hardly the story that Democrats and the media—which are the same people—are making it out to be.

Democrats are praising Romney because anyone that opposes President Trump is a hero in their eyes—for all of five seconds that is. The admiration of Democrats, much like their attention span, is capricious and fleeting. Romney will have their support right up until he decides to vote conservatively on another matter and then he will become the villain once again, just like he was in 2012.

The loyalty of the Democratic Party is hard to gain and harder to hold onto. The second that a Democrat or a Republican does something that the mainstream party dislikes, they will throw that person under the bus without a moment’s hesitation. They are unreliable allies at the best of times, much like Supervisor Fletcher himself. Once a Republican, he turned his back on his party and now repeats everything the Democratic Party and Gavin Newsom says like the good little parrot he is.

Fletcher may be right about Romney receiving scorn from Republicans in the short term, but that is a choice that Romney made knowing the consequences of his actions. What Fletcher is wrong about is that history will remember Romney doing the right thing. Romney’s vote did not change the outcome of the trial, and ultimately will not be remembered by anyone. This is especially true for the Democrats who will remember Romney’s decision right up until the next news cycle rolls around.


Photo by Gage Skidmore via Flickr