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Dr. Melanie Burkholder has Campaign Signs Stolen

Friday, February 7, 2020

At 6:45 pm, I walked outside of my home to deliver a plate of food to my elderly neighbor, which is not an uncommon occurrence. What is uncommon, and what I discovered, was a small black SUV blocking my driveway with lights shining on my lawn signs. I immediately suspected foul play, pulled out my phone to snap a picture and the SUV sped away, leaving skid marks on the roadside. Thankfully, nobody was in the road and no cars were damaged during the flee. I delivered the food and went about feeding my family. 

The next morning, on the way to my office, I noticed all of my signs had been stolen from Tamarack and El Camino Real. This crime is punishable by infraction or misdemeanor. A second violation, a misdemeanor, is punishable by imprisonment, a fine not exceeding $2,000, or both. 

This unethical and illegal behavior is not acceptable. We must hold the thieves accountable for their actions and attempts to disrupt my campaign by stealing my signs and trying to threaten and intimidate me. I’m not scared. 

Beyond that, it is an insult to my volunteers who spent their time placing the signs, legally, throughout the district.

If there is anything positive that can come from this illegal activity, it is that my opponent is running scared. Clearly, my campaign is occupying a lot of space in her brain because otherwise, she wouldn’t encourage illegal behavior.

Please, if you see someone taking legally placed political signs, be a good witness: Get the license plate and call the police!

If you would like to volunteer to place signs throughout the district, please reach out to me through my campaign website:

Thank you! 

PS: I did file a police report!