Georgette Gómez’s Campaign Ad Shows She is just another Boring Anti-Trumper

Written by Michael Palomba 

Apparently, President Trump has “met his match.” That is, if his match is yet another anti-Trump activist.

San Diego City Council President Georgette Gómez put out a new ad targeting President Trump, presenting herself as if she’s running for president.

Gómez’s ad opens with “Donald Trump has met his match.” It goes on to tout that she is the daughter of immigrants and “the first LGBT Latina city council president.” It continues by informing voters that she is dedicated to “protecting dreamers” and “fighting against Trump’s wall.”

There are several problems I see with this ad. First of all, what does being LBGT and Latina have to do with anything? At the end of the day, we are all Americans and that is the only identity that should really be boasted when running for office in this country. 

Next, how is “fighting against Trump’s wall” a good thing? Whether you are an avid supporter of the wall or not, there is no doubt that it will strengthen the security of the country. There is no reason to be proud of the fact that she wants to make the country less secure. 

To continue, why is “protecting dreamers” a main point in her advertisement? Dreamers makeup a fraction of a fraction of our population. Shouldn’t she be promoting things that actually benefit Americans?

In fact, throughout her whole ad, she does not boast a single thing that directly benefits American citizens. Not one.

Her campaign ad can be watched below:

At the State of the Union, several democratic congressmen and woman either did not attend or left during the speech. Those who did attend refused to clap at any point. Governor Gavin Newsom is also starkly anti-Trump. 

We already have plenty of anti-Trump activists in our government, do we really need another?

We need elected officials that are going to fight for what is in the best interest of Americans, and Georgette Gómez is clearly not looking to do that.