Governor Gavin Newsom Claims that President Trump is “Scared” of California

Governor Newsom is not just an incompetent governor, he is also a delusional one. He claims that President Trump fears Californian progressivism because the state surplus has reached $21.5 billion, the state has record low unemployment, and California is responsible for one in seven new jobs in the country.

Let’s unpack these claims and highlight the facts that Newsom won’t. The budget surplus was immediately spent by Governor Newsom in an insane spending plan revolving around homelessness, education, and affordable housing. That brings us to his second claim that the state has record-low unemployment.

California has the largest homeless population in the United States (by a lot), and the impoverished non-homeless population is also growing rapidly. The living conditions in some cities are so terrible that there is human excrement in the streets and previously eradicated diseases are making a comeback.

The only reason that California is responsible for seven in seven new jobs in the U.S. is that California has a huge population (about one in eight Americans live in California) and a few major industries happen to be concentrated in our state. However, these industries are likely to leave if the situation in California does not improve soon.

Governor Newsom is the result of years of Democratic rule in California. They can put up the most unlikeable talking head, like Newsom, and he will still get elected. Like most other California Democrats, he has no original ideas and repeats anything that the Democratic Party wants him to. His governorship in California will be remembered for his financial mismanagement, the preventable destruction caused by wildfires, the rise in homelessness, and the exodus of people leaving California to escape high taxes.

These are but a few of Governor Newsom’s crowning achievements during his first year in office. California is a great example of what not to do when it comes to state policies. In reality, President Trump is not scared of California’s progressivism, he’s laughing at it.


Photo by JD Lasica via Flickr