Over $300 Million Worth of Cocaine Seized by Coast Guard Ships

Written by Nicholas Vetrisek

A few weeks ago, a U.S. Coast Guard ship carrying nearly 20,000 pounds of cocaine offloaded in San Diego at Naval Station San Diego. The cocaine is worth roughly $338 million and is the result of two months of seizures in the Eastern Pacific near Mexico and South America.

The Coast Guard has stated that four ships seized the cocaine and the tallies for each are as follows:

  • The Resolute, one case, 1,951 pounds
  • The Thetis, two cases, 6,830 pounds
  • The Munro, three cases, 6,680 pounds
  • The Tampa, two cases, 4,870 pounds

The seizures were in support of Campaign Martillo, which is a regional initiative that according to the Coast Guard, targets trafficking “that threatens security and prosperity at the national, regional, and international levels.”


Photo by Coast Guard News via Flickr