Prop 13 Furthers the Interests of Bureaucrats and Special Interest Groups; Not Teachers and Students

The public education system in California is corrupt and broken, controlled by special interest groups and teachers’ unions. These organizations care more about making a profit and gaining political influence than they do about actually helping to improve the quality of education in our state.

Now, they want to pass a massive new $15 billion bond to “improve” school facilities. This bond will cost the state $740 million a year for the next 35 years, adding up to about $26 billion. This is the original $15 billion bond plus an estimated $11 billion in interest. Once again, the burden of the state Democrats’ pet projects will fall on the shoulders of the taxpayers.

If this project was of such great importance, then why didn’t Governor Newsom spend any of the $21 billion state surplus on it? He was so eager to brag about that surplus on social media, but the truth is that he would rather exploit taxpayers for more of their money for these projects.

Special interest groups have been allowed free reign in California for far too long. Democrats have willingly let them do whatever they want—and it’s a huge problem. How much of this bond will actually reach the schools and go into refurbishment?

Big government programs do not have a great track record with responsible spending or meeting budget goals. This money will be squandered and in a few years, Democrats will pass new legislation to allocate even more money towards this project. California taxpayers are not a piggy bank for Democratic ambitions; their hard-earned money should not be spent to push some Democratic agenda or used to line the pockets of special interest groups.


Photo by Trending Topics 2019 via Flickr